Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shop My Closet

     At this point in time I have not worn any of my real clothes for almost a year. I have a 3 month old, and I was pregnant for 9 months before that (technically 10 but who’s counting...umm I definitely was).  I felt good in my pregnancy clothes. Everything I wore, whether it was jeans and a t-shirt or a pretty black dress, was accessorized by my baby bump. It was round and cute. It didn’t really matter if I was up on the newest fashion because baby bumps are always in fashion..just read your current US Weekly if you don’t believe me.  So now it’s 3 months post-delivery and I have been getting away with my one pair of jeans, one stretchy skirt, and 2 t-shirts that I wear daily. (We won’t even talk about my shoe situation.)  
     Today I decided enough is enough. I am a cute just-turned-30 yr. old new mother, who loves all things beauty and fashion and I need to start enjoying getting dressed again like I used to. There was one minor bump in this new revelation. (See what I did there?) All my clothes were pre-pregnancy which means they were basically a year old, plus, I don’t exactly have the budget for a new wardrobe. Since giving birth, I have bought exactly one lime green sweater from Target and one summer type belt from Forever 21. Armed with my 2 new pieces, I decided to re-evaluate my wardrobe.  As Kol napped and I once again decided to forgo a nap against my better judgement, I got to work, taking every last piece of clothing out of my closet, drawers and storage boxes. I tried on every piece. Whatever did not fit or I didn’t like anymore went in the giveaway bags.  All of my dresses that were not conducive to nursing nor good for a date night with the hubby, went into my closet in the guest bedroom. I tried on dresses with sweaters, put tops and scarves together and skirts with some blouses.  I made sure to pop my boobs out of every dress to make sure I can nurse while wearing said dress before it went back into my closet. It’s amazing what a new (and old) sweater and new belt can do to your wardrobe. Voila, my new summer of 2012 closet of the new nursing (just-turned-30) mother of one adorable little boy.

Below are a couple of outfits I plan on wearing this summer.

Websites to shop:
Sam Edelman
Forever 21
MICHAEL Michael Kors 
Brandy Melville
Karen Michelle

 written during week 12