Sunday, August 12, 2012

Listening Love

“The most wonderful thing about Tiggers are... Tiggers are wonderful things.” I love that line! It’s the song that the Tiger sings from Winnie the Poo. What is so great about that line is that just being Tigger makes him wonderful.  
That’s how I feel about my husband Dov. Just being Dov makes him wonderful!
Last night I suggested we do some date night-ins. I read about these on some website. It’s a night, once a week or whatever your schedules allows, and you make a plan with your significant other to be at home. You can have a nice dinner, hang out and listen to records or watch a movie.  The idea is to separate time so you and your loved one can have some time alone without the little ones interrupting. I love this because between the two of us being freelancers, and having a new baby, I am feeling like we are not getting enough time to talk. You may not know this but I’m a big talker. I love conversation and discussions and hearing about each other’s days. I like to talk about our ideas, thoughts and goals.  And I love how Dov listens even when said ideas, thoughts, and goals, are disproportionate to where I am in life right now. I always used to say “we need to catch up” whenever we were apart for half a day, but it’s true, we did.  Now we really need to catch up!!
Because raising a 5 month old saps all your energy and is very time consuming, I brought up the idea of a date-in last night.  Today our wonderful housekeeper came; she is warm and lovely and makes our house shine, and as a side note, we thank her on google translate because we can not speak Spanish, but we appreciate her very very much and like to let her know.  
Well today, Dov suggested we leave Kol with our lovely housekeeper and sneak away for an impromptu lunch date.  It was perfect! We ate a great lunch, drank some coffee and got to “catch up”.  There was no baby crying, phone ringing, or computers distracting us from our discussion.  
Amongst all the hubbub of our life right now, it is still so great to know that when you speak, someone is listening. Thanks for listening love.

                                 Loved this photo I found on the internet.

written during week 23