Thursday, November 1, 2012


Being in the beauty world has many perks. Some of them are working backstage at Fashion Week, meeting celebrities, and going to parties, to name a few. But my all time favorite perk of being in this world is that I get beauty products for free! Being a self proclaimed product junkie this brings an abundance of  happiness to my life and skin.  I have a make-up closet that friends and sisters alike come to delve into every once in awhile (I can already hear the phantom knocking on my front door of all my friends, acquaintances and neighbors who did not know this closet heaven exists).  I get lucky enough to test, at no charge, many different products to see which ones I want to use on my clients. The importance of this system is that I and many other make-up artists can recommend to their clients what really works as far as anti-aging moisturizers, glowy foundations, and lipsticks that last all day. I know many beauty product junkies who would benefit from and love this system.

If only there were a way that everyone who buys beauty essentials could have the ability to try the products first, before they decide what to spend their hard earned money on. Imagine if all the women of the world could see if the eye make up remover they are purchasing burns their sensitive eyes or not.  If the body moisturizer the sales lady convinces you to purchase really absorbs into your skin right away so you do not have to wait an extra half hour before you lay down on on your sheets! If only the real clientele out there had something close to the perks that beauty experts have.  And then it happened! As if the beauty gods heard the collective plea, the New Beauty Test Tube appeared.  Well not so much appeared, as... I just found out about it!

Those lucky ladies who live in LA can go to the Fred Segal Santa Monica store and head to the New Beauty section and find a wall with all the test tube goodies displayed (see exhibit A below).  For $30 you can go and pick out which products you would like to try. The best part is that most of these "sample" products are full size so you can really try them for a while and see if you like them enough to purchase.

For those of you who love living elsewhere, you too can get the perk of trying out these beauty "samples" for $30.  The only difference is that the New Beauty, beauty experts will pick which products you will receive in your Test Tube. This amazing offer is available every 3 months and it comes with a magazine (see exhibit B below) that has an enourmous amount of information from the world of skin, weight-loss, hair, nails, and more. It is a huge magazine and could possibly take you 3 months to finish is most definitely taking me that long (having a 9 month old boy may be the cause of that).

For more information you can visit

I am very excited about the SuperSmile whitening toothpaste and I am using the sunscreen daily. See exhibit C below for my picks...what will yours be?!

                                                                      Exhibit A

                                                                     Exhibit B

                                                                      Exhibit C

--It's hard to see the picture clearly so here are my picks

-Supersmile whitening toothpaste
-Klorane eyemake-up remover with cornflower water
-Ahava intensive nourishing body cream
-YonKa anti-age intense moisture time release mask
-Pur-lisse spf 30 essential daily moisturizer
-Moroccanoil treatment
-Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua-collagen-Gel Super moisture