Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mommy Hair

The phrase “mommy hair” brings unparalleled horror to fashionistas worldwide. But, even “mommy hair” is better than the alternative of being a “mommy mess”. Until recently, very recently that is, I was one of those moms. I finally seemed to get my clothing situation under control and managed to grab enough time in the morning to brush my teeth AND put on earrings, which is a feat not to be taken lightly with a seven-month-old underfoot. I mean literally underfoot, Kol is crawling, sitting and taking his baby escape artist skills to a whole new level. (More about that on another blog.) So here I am trying to keep my love for fashion and style alive but I was having a major set back - my hair.  Since about age three months, Kol has been grabbing at everything and anything in his immediate grasp, and the hair grabbing came into the picture at about five months old. Up until now I have actually used it to my advantage, I dangled my long hair in front of my baby’s face while changing his diaper and magically he stayed on his back letting me put on a new diaper and put his clothes back on all in a seven second time span.  Anyone who has a baby that moves as much as mine knows how accomplished I feel every time this happens.  

Then it happened. The hair trick stopped working. Whoever said women with long hair always stop boys in their tracks, need to extend their research to include seven-month-old baby boys.  So my hair turned into a blob in the back of my head. Day in, day out, it got tied in a little bun low at the base of my neck. Even that much out of reach, Kol Monster (yes another nickname) managed to constantly pull my hair out. My little low bun that started out chic in the morning, slowly but surely turned into a straggly blob of hair by midday.   That is when I realized I didn’t have a choice but to cut it all off! I believe it is at this moment in time when many moms give in and get the short "mommy haircut".  

So I smartly asked a very cool friend of mine to cut my hair and I got a really fabulous short cut.  I am feeling like a 1920’s flapper girl meets french chic meets 80’s power woman; Not a bad combo at all. My two favorite things about this haircut are; 1) it takes me three minutes to wash my hair, and 2) I do not have to unravel my long hairs from around baby Kol’s little fingers.  

To all you fashionistas worldwide, name it what you will, but I feel fresh and sexy and fun!
chic hair = mommy hair

                                                                      we <3 hats

                                                              always on the go