Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back to bed yelled Fred!

Lately, I have been doing what most moms should never do.  Veteran moms know not to do this. But new moms like moi...wellllll, we forget sometimes.  What is this "thing" that I am was doing?  I was congratulating myself on how well my son Kol sleeps at night. You see, a veteran mom  knows that the moment you start bragging about how great your son's sleeping habits are, said son stops sleeping so greatly!  Somehow the sleep angel hears your bragging words spilling out of your mouth and she flutters on over to your child and whispers "your Mama is bragging about your sleep, child, go ahead! It's time to show her what's what!"  And then, your peaceful night turns into not so peaceful anymore.  Last night we were up from 3:00am to 6:00am with Kol.  He woke up at 3am and I thought it was a fluke so I did a 'check-in' and told him that he's safe and we're here and love him and he should go back to sleep.  As his cries grew louder and did not quiet down as they usually do after a check-in at that hour, Dov went in for a another check-in.  And still the cries for Mama and Daddy just intensified.  So I proceeded to do it all, checked his diaper, checked the temperature in the room, made sure he was not in any pain from a possible teething situation or from a fever.  Everything was fine.  So honestly what the hell was going on??? After about an hour of check-ins, I did what I had promised myself I would never do, I gave him a bottle of milk in his crib, but honestly after an hour of screaming at 4am you are truly not to be held accountable for your actions! And anyway the bottle held him over for no more than 10 minutes.

The cries only subsided when Kol was brought into our bed but, sleep still evaded him.  Every couple of minutes,  which is when I assume that damn sleep angel would prod him to speak up,  I would hear Kol's mind moving through his mouth.  I heard him discussing with himself "" which when decoded, means he wants to go under the blanket and make a fortress and then shout out SURPRISE to the "unsuspecting" parent above the blanket.  He also kept repeating in the same intonation as the voice on the app "peek-a-boo barn" an Ipad app that Kol loves to play (it is a fabulous app where kids learn the animal names and sounds they make.)  After every adorable sentence Kol spoke -- he truly has the cutest voice (warning I may be biased) -- I told him if he does not go back to sleep I will put him back in his crib.  That kept him quiet for a good 5 minutes each time!  Thankfully at around 6:15 am  he fell asleep til 8.

As you can imagine, we were both exhausted all day!  Even though we were both good sports about it, I stopped being angry about my night after my second cup of coffee. (Thank you coffee bean at The Grove for that!) and Kol played nicely with the bubbles lady at The Grove (God bless her- she stands there for hours entertaining all of LA's children) and he truly enjoyed the swings this afternoon at the park. He even calmed down enough to eat some dinner after a serious melt down at around 5 pm.  It is 6:45pm now, Kol is sleeping and I plan on going to bed really early tonight.  I pray we all have a quiet, restful night but I will say, if we do, I wont be telling any of you about it!

Good Night, Sleep Tight!

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