Monday, September 29, 2014

What Masks Do You Wear?

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I wear many masks. I particularly like ones made with dead sea mud.  But I also wear imaginary masks.  I imagine I am confident sometimes when I feel otherwise.  I imagine I am in a great mood sometimes when all I really want to do is collapse from exhaustion.  I imagine I am a fashion icon when I am going out for drinks with friends. Masks are a great way to beautify (see dead sea mud comment above) protect, hide, and express ourselves.

The Jewish holiday of Purim is this week.  It is a holiday that has a strong, brave woman at the center of its story.  The story of Queen Esther is about a woman who pretends to be someone she is not.  She hides her identity from the King until the opportune moment and then takes off her figurative mask and proudly proclaims her true identity - as a Jewess.  Queen Esther was not sure how the King would respond. The King fully accepted Esther as her true self and she became a great Queen...oh yeah, and saved her people from annihilation. Minor detail.

We all hide behind masks.  Like Queen Esther, we hide until we know we are safe to reveal our true selves.   We build layers to show the world what we wish to show and nothing more.  In this day of complete access via social media we still get to tell the world the story we want them to see and not necessarily our true selves. (My husband always jokes that nobody ever posts a selfie of themselves 'having a blast' doing taxes!)

For many women and girls, the opportunity to show our true selves may seem to not show itself.  Sometimes we need to break out of our "masks" and let our true selves shine through even if we are at risk of being vulnerable.  The outcome of being a real individual will only lead us to greatness as it did for Queen Esther.  In the joy and light of Purim, let us make opportunities to show the world our true wonderful selves!

Now, until you truly shine from the inside out, here are some facial masks to help you shine from the outside in.

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