Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall 2014 Beauty Trend

I love the rush of fall.  
Summer always seems so lazy 
and then fall swings around and the long days swoosh
 right into the active bustle of September. 
And it all collides - the Jewish High Holidays and High Fashion. 

Fashion week usually falls out on Rosh Hashana, but I never really miss out on discovering the trends because all I need to know about Fall beauty and clothing, I already learned early last February. And a side benefit of the season's looks being revealed months before September is that as I'm picking out my shoes to wear for the holidays, I already know the it shoe.  I've already purchased the right eyeliner that will last for the 3-day holiday (I am loving Urban Decay's 24-hour colors) and I even know whether it's in to be putting the weight of the eyeliner on my top lid or under my bottom lash line.  In this year's case, you can go either way ala "Cushnie Et Ochs " (exhibit A) on top of the lash line with an exaggerated flick, or, my Fall eyeliner favorite by "Nicholas K" - a dramatic opposite cat eye underneath your bottom lash line (exhibit B). With both looks you want to keep the rest of the make up light and natural.  To spice up the liner look, you can try using some liquid and pencil liners in various deep colors. Navy blue is always a safe bet to add a little extra something and still keep the look natural.
Colorful liquid liners also seem to be all the rage right now - just check out your October issue of In Style for some fun options (pg.262).

Big brows are another fall favorite look of mine that seem to be classic and talked about every season, but hardly put into practice. It is such a great look since it's so powerful yet understated. Below, I show you how you can get the look (exhibit C), though I must warn you: your friends and family may think you just stepped off the Jason Wu runway. The look is also quick to do, which is key when you're rushing out the door, trying to get kids dressed in their holiday finest while making sure the table is set, etc.

We must not forget the ultimate Fall beauty trend which comes around each year with a slight twist, mostly to the color and not much else...the Bold Lip! Each Fall, the fashion houses showcase their bold beauty lip. This year it has taken on a burgundy hue. I really liked the color featured at Rebecca Minkoff, which was a Stila 'Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick' in Amore. Another lip look that really inspired me was Naeem Kahn's Fall look: an ombre lip! Yes, that's right, an ombre lip. Try it with Nars lipstick in 'Fire Down Below' and then [here's the trick they don't tell you at the store] use a brown eyeliner pencil lightly as your lipliner to give that 'ombre glow.' (exhibit D)
This strong lip looks pretty with a very clean face, but if you want more bold and fashion-forward, it works well with a strong brow too.

Try one or try all of these beauty tips over this holiday season. And remember, whatever you do, the most important part of beauty is being content with your beautiful self. Have a happy, sweet, beauty-filled new year!

                                                                         Exhibit A

                                                                            Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

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