Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Indian Summer

Today was a great day!

Yesterday was a long, exhausting day.

Yesterday Nava peed down the length of my body. It covered my shirt starting at my hip and continued down to the bottom of my white pant leg. This was not the small circle of pee some of us moms are the lucky recipients of when holding our babies on our hips, noticing a light leaking through the diaper. This was Full. On.

I know better than to walk around the house with a naked baby, but this was different, we were at the doctor’s office. Nava has been teething and not sleeping and not sleeping and did i mention yet how she’s NOT SLEEPING. And so of course I assumed she had an ear infection because why else would my perfect child not be sleeping?!?!? The only appointment was for the afternoon, after I pick up Kol from school and so I booked it and shlepped both kids with me.  Juggling two kids when one is crying the whole time and the other decides the Doctor's rolling seat is better used as a race car, is not so easy on the nerves. Needless to say I got frazzled and it took me a little too long to retrieve a new diaper after Nava was weighed.  By the time I grabbed it, it was too late.

If this was my first baby, I probably would have headed home immediately for a much needed shower and a change of clothes, but of course I had already told Kol that we were going for pizza on our way home.  I did what all moms do and calculated the pros and cons in seconds and decided the pros of going for pizza were much greater than the cons of not going for pizza and dealing with a major tantrum.  So I went, urine soaked clothing and all, with both kids, for some f*ing pizza.

My pants dried on the way, ironically while listening to the Police sing “a hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore” 700 times in a row – thank you DJ KOL. Our time at the pizza shop went so smoothly that I cheered my decision in my head. And Nava must have heard the Dr. say ‘it’s only a cold’ and felt relieved because she was calm again. The rest of the night was without incident --until she woke up at 10:30pm juuuust as I was drifting into sleep and she decided to stay awake till midnight.  Have you ever had to take care of a baby just as you are in between the sleep and awake states?  It is really rough!

Long, Tiring, Exhausting.  That pretty much sums up yesterday.

And then we got a day like today.

I picked up my nephew Dovid for the day b/c his mom was away for 2 weeks.  He is such a pleasure I did not mind taking him on my errands and to the farmers market. Of course we stopped in at Real Food Daily for a cupcake for lunch.  Yes, that is the only thing we had for lunch. I'm his aunt and not his mother so it is a legitimate mid-day food.

After my errands we went to pick up Kol. Kol and Dovid have become such great friends over the years and their excitement to see each other was so contageous that Nava stopped kvetching and started to giggle with the two of them in the backseat.

The day just kept getting more and more glorious.  First there was the Jam band that graciously invited Nava to participate with a shaker in hand. Then it was outside for bikes, baby pool and hose. It wasn’t long before everyone's clothes (except mine) came off and there were mini naked Olympians doing running lunges into the pool landing on the grass. Dinner. Painting. Bubble bath. Done.                                                                        

I shared some photos of the afternoon activities with my sisters and they reminisced about how we all used to play outside for hours with our siblings. Spraying each other with the hose and riding bikes until the sun would go down.                               


It is amazing how drastically disparate our days could be from one to the next.  I’ll admit that my mood sometimes swings with that of my childrens’. And that I’m well aware that this is a poor precedent. There are too many sleepless nights and tired tantrums to have your feelings dictated by the whim of a 9 month old or 3 year old.  For every pair of pee soaked pants I walk around in I need to remember there are also the Indian Summer days that one day my children will reminisce about with their siblings.

Tomorrow is another day!

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