Thursday, October 15, 2015

Malka Nava

Written 2 months ago.

My daughter is 7 months old. My goodness, my daughter is 7 months old.  Did you know I had a daughter? Well some of you may have seen one of the multiple pictures I have posted on instagram. But really did you know? I have not written about it yet. And in this day and age with every one of us blogging, we ask ourselves, did it really happen if we have not written about it? Well, Yes, this really happened. I had a baby girl named Malka Nava and she is wonderful. With Kol as you know, I could not seem to write fast enough about the trials and tribulations of first time motherhood.  How wonderful and yet insanely difficult it was to be a new mom. And now....nothing.   I have been writing plenty in my head, mind you - just hadn't been able to make it to paper...or computer.

There is a reason I have not written anything about little Nava. Quite simply, she's been an easy baby and who wants to hear how about someone else's wonderful baby?! And then I think - what if one day my children grow up and read these blog posts (I know, I know that will probably never happen).  How will Kol feel when he sees all this drama about him and just butterflies and unicorns about his sister Nava? So I have held back.

Today is the yartzait (the date of the passing) of my grandmother Bubby Martha (Malka), our Malka Nava's namesake. My grandmother was the sweetest, most wonderful human I have ever known.  She and my little Malka Nava have come to show me that although some of us think there needs to be conflict in any great story, this is not necessarily true. There was never conflict surrounding Bubby Martha and yet we have many wonderful stories about her. So on this day, my Bubby Martha has inspired me to write about my Malka Nava. I am sure I will have more trying times, especially in the teenage years, but for now I am enjoying every  moment.

I can't describe the joy I get from this tiny child. From day one she has been angelic, she came so fast and so easy I barely made it to the hospital in time. She is happy and sweet and easy going.  Two kids are definitely hard to balance, but this little love of mine makes it so peaceful!  She reminds me of my grandmother who was adored by all and who I never heard say a mean word about anyone.  I hope she grows to have a long and happy life as my Bubby Martha did. And as Bubby Martha always said to me, "stay as sweet as you are." I pass that sentiment along to little baby Malka Nava.

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